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Hitting Techniques and Fundamentals - Volleyball Training Ground

This hitting technique will make it so that it will be more difficult for people to block you and you can even hit over the block in some cases. Wrists: Upon impact of the ball, it is important to snap your wrist. This is where some of the power will come, but the real reason to snap your wrist is to put topspin on the ball so that when you are spiking the ball, it will move down instead of floating long out of bounds. These are the basics of hitting techniques.

How to Hit a Volleyball Techniques for the Spike Attack

How to Hit a Volleyball with a Slide Attack chase the ball line up with the ball on your hitting shoulder jump off your left foot (if you're right handed) drift through the air as you make contact with the ball

Volleyball Hitting Techniques - YouTube

Hitting a volleyball during a game involves practicing good form to prevent injury and to create the most direct hit possible. Find out how to properly hit a...

Volleyball Hitting Tips - 4 Components to Successful Attacks

Volleyball hitting techniques are often the hardest skills to master when it comes to learning beach volleyball. Consistent approach, armswing, vision, and spiking with deception are keys to successful hitting on the beach.

Volleyball Hitting Drills and Technique

Volleyball Hitting Drills for High Contact. The purpose of this volleyball drill is to work on skills for the technique in hitting a volleyball. Players partner up. Players warm up shoulders by throwing the ball back and forth to one another. After the shoulder warm up, players start tossing the ball up to themselves and hit to each other.

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Volleyball hitting drills: Wrap around attacking drill - The ...

For this drill, Pacific Ridge coach Aly Dahl emphasizes these points: Attackers getting off the net and taking a wide approach. Hitting hard cross court if the set is dying inside and line if it’s outside. Using the arms to generate extra height on the attack jump.

How to Spike a Volleyball (in Slow Motion) - YouTube

Spiking a volleyball can involve a two step, three step, or four step approach. It is the coordinated effort of footwork, arm swing, and explosiveness. How...

Volleyball Techniques for Improving Volleyball Skills

1. Collapse. From a low defensive position, a player might collapse to the ground in order to make a last second move to... 2. Sprawl. Anticipating the ball falling out in front of them, a defender might use the sprawling technique to take a... 3. The dive. This is similar to the sprawl except the ...