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The Tennis Court Oath - French Revolution

The Tennis Court Oath – which was both a revolutionary act and an expression of popular sovereignty – had succeeded in forcing a royal back down. With one fell swoop, Louis XVI had abolished the Three Estates as separate political orders.

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The Tennis Court Oath (20 June 1789) preceded the abolition of feudalism (4 August 1789) and the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen (26 August 1789) as the National Assembly became increasingly radical. Following the 100 year celebration of the oath in 1889, what had been the Royal Tennis Court was again forgotten and deteriorated.

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The Tennis Court Oath (17-20 June 1789) The Storming of the Bastille (14 July 1789) The End of Feudalism (4 August 1789) The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen (26 August 1789) The Abolition of Slavery (4 February 1794) We owe Revolutionary France the abolition of feudalism (4 August 1789), the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen (1789), a rather ugly separation of State and Church, the abolition of the tithe (one tenth of one’s yearly income paid to the ...

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Tennis Court Oath by Jacques Louis David. My History class looked at this painting in the context of emerging nationalism in Europe. Although the start of nationalism is a widely contested subject far too lengthy for this short blog post, many subscribers to modern nationalism cite the French Revolution in 1789 as the start of nationalism.

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Tennis Court Oath This was one of the first meetings of the National Assembly in the first few days of the French Revolution. At this meeting they took an oath that said that they would not disband and would reassemble wherever necessary until France had a constitution.

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The Tennis Court Oath occurred on June 20,1789. The storming of the Bastille helped nationalism throughout France because it demonstrated the strength of the people and encouraged them to move forward to obtain the rights they were trying to achieve. This event occurred July 14,1789. The abolishment of the feudal system helped Frances ...

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Tennis Court Oath. This describes the most conservative and liberal members of the Legislative Assembly. Left wing is radical; right wing is conservative.

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Tennis Court Oath - 3rd estate renames themselves the National Assembly - Wants to change constitution ... - Liberalism and Nationalism are the ideas that start WWI